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Mobius Medical is an ISO 9001 certified Australian owned CRO established in 2008, providing outstanding clinical trial management and electronic data capture (EDC) services throughout Australia & New Zealand.

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We Manage a Wide Variety of Clinical Trials for our Partners

Mobius Medical prides itself on quickly learning new therapeutic areas and modes of therapies.

We have experience in most therapeutic areas and across a variety of device, medicine and diagnostic investigational products.

Working in FIH to pivotal, Phase I - IV, we have expertise you can count on.

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What Our Clients Say

"Mobius staff have been supporting our trial for the past year and a half. They have very capably handled ongoing interactions with the site coordinator(s) to ensure completion of key tasks. During the pandemic Mobius found and secured local NZ CRAs. This was incredible while much of the rest of world had to stop their trials, we were able to keep going."
Route 92 Medical, Inc
VP, Clinical Affairs
"At the time of data-lock for an upcoming CE Mark submission, Mobius was able to get ahead of monitoring which resulted in a timely CE Mark submission. I have worked with CROs around the world and have really enjoyed the relationship. They are just great people and partners."
Saluda Medical
President North America
"Mobius Medical is a great example of the new style of CROs – responsive, easy to work with, cost-effective, collaborative and comprehensive in all their service offerings from monitoring to e-solutions for patient recruitment. Cardiac Dimensions could not have chosen a better partner for our investigative sites in Australia and New Zealand."
Cardiac Dimensions
VP Clinical Programs
"The single most crucial attribute that Mobius Medical provides is their personnel: They have staffed an incredibly skilful, competent and reliable team which is second to none. The Directors of Mobius each have unique credentials, experience and talents, which together with their team, enable them to execute exceptionally well as an organization"
Relievant Medsystems
VP Clinical and Regulatory Affairs

Expertise in all Australian and New Zealand regulatory requirements

Fee Structure

Mobius Medical has a strong ethos that our clients should only pay for work done. All contracts are negotiated on a time-cost basis until our clients are satisfied with the line items required to accomplish the project deliverable, and associated costs. No hidden costs, no surprises and no fixed fees.

Australian CTN Scheme

A distinct advantage to conducting clinical research in Australia (and New Zealand) is the expeditious CTN (clinical trial notification) scheme. Australia’s TGA requires only a notification of clinical trials, deferring responsibility to the HREC (IRB) resulting in faster study start-up.

Legal Obligations Covered

Mobius can assist with all required legal requirements. We act as the local sponsor (for overseas entities), draft clinical trial agreements, indemnity agreements, financial disclosures and source competitive clinical trial insurance policies.

Our Experience Is Yours

With vast experience of the regulatory environment and ethics committee requirements in the ANZ region, and partnering the very best research centres and key investigators in the region, Mobius can ensure your trials start quickly.

Repeat Business

When Mobius receives a request for proposal from a previous or present client, we believe we have achieved success. On our sixth project for one client, and with many more coming back to us for their next phase trials, we are extremely proud to know we are doing a great job!

Our Partners

Mobius has formed alliances with leading experts in their field to ensure all aspects of development are covered. We have relationships with one of Australia’s leading biostatisticians, direct partnerships with medical device regulatory and health economics experts, and physicians to advise, review and execute clinical evidence reports.

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